Official Name   Personnel Assessment Form (PAF)
Version / Form   Online; Software; P&P
Publisher   Sigma Assessment Systems
Type   Selection Testing
Duration   15minutes
Publisher's description  

The Personnel Assessment Form (PAF) is an efficient, accurate measure of cognitive ability designed to identify candidates who will learn quickly, make sound decisions, communicate effectively, and “think on their feet.” Literally thousands of studies provide evidence that cognitive ability is the single greatest predictor of success for most jobs. This compelling research supports cognitive ability as an essential screening tool for selection and placement in a wide variety of jobs. The PAF is a convenient and powerful assessment that is easy to administer and interpret.

The PAF is available in two forms. Form A contains more difficult items and is more accurate at a high range than Form C. Form C's easier items are more accurate at the lower range of scores.

Each form of the PAF consists of 2 timed subtests, Verbal and Quantitative.

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