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With uVox, you can create organization-wide testing programs that incorporate your own assessments or those of leading vendors into fully integrated batteries that are administered according to a customized business process and in a branded environment.


Key benefits

  • Reduce your evaluation cycle time. Our integrated batteries save time both for the candidate to complete their assessments and for administrators to manage their participation efficiently.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs. Candidates should never have to complete tests they have already completed in the past or for positions for which they do not qualify. uVox allows you to integrate exemptions and hurdles into your automated batteries so you avoid the expense associated with redundant and unnecessary testing.

  • uVox supports YOUR business process. Whatever your business reality, uVox has the flexibility and the tools to support the process or processes that make sense for your projects.

  • Manage your assessments, batteries, positions, openings, test sessions, workflows, candidates and users from an easy-to-use administration platform.

  • Leverage your data. A reporting module makes it easy to extract relevant data in real time. Take full advantage of of your assessment data by using it in your ATS or other Talent Management system. Run multiple reports per candidate.

  • Secure. Security mechanisms are built-in at all levels of the service, including a tightly controlled candidate environment, role-based access control for application users and secure hosting in class 1 data-centers.

  • You can depend on uVox to be there. uVox is based on a scalable architecture and is hosted on a highly secure and reliable infrastructure with redundancies built into every level.

City of Montreal – Implementation case study   

About Ullix

Since 2005 Ullix has worked with organizations that need to evaluate large volumes of candidates to develop solutions that help these organizations manage their assessments more efficiently. Ullix has developed uVox, a cloud-based, content-neutral and highly configurable software platform that can automate practically any assessment process.

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