Official Name   Raven advanced progressive matrices (APM)
Version / Form   Online
Publisher   Pearson
Type   Cognitive Ability
Duration   40 minutes
Publisher's description   Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices™ (APM) measures high-level observation skills, clear thinking ability, and intellectual capacity as a non-verbal estimate of abstract reasoning or fluid intelligence.
The Raven’s APM produces a single raw score as well as percentile rank to indicate the educative ability or the ability to make sense of complex situations, compared to a norm group.
Use in a variety of settings, such as testing culturally diverse populations where English proficiency varies.
Identify giftedness and predict educational success.
Untimed administration: differentiate between people at the high end of intellectual ability with more difficult items that fall within the top 20 percent of the population.
Timed administration: assess intellectual efficiency.
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